Get Back Images after System Restore

System Restore is a process to undo system changes without affecting the personal data such as documents, photos, videos, emails etc. System Restore works by monitoring your computer and it reads the changes, which are made to your system when you install new applications. When it reads a change in each time, it creates a new restore point. Mostly System Restore application maintains multiple restore points and it is possible to create restore points manually as well.

When you have lost file in system restore manner, then they are not permanently deleted from your hard drive, instead of it only pointers of the file will be removed and the space occupied by the deleted files will be marked as available for new file. So, in this case you need a recovery software which helps to retrieve files from system restore. Lost file recovery software performs thorough scanning of your hard drive to find such files and recover them even after system restore. Also, if you have deleted some files before using system restore program; this software has the capability to recover such deleted files. This software also helps to retrieve JPEG files, to know more about this read here.

Scenarios responsible for loss of photos after system restore:

Wrong Operation: When you are facing system restore in your computer, you may accidently choose all the disks to be formatted, thus all the files on them would lose or some may not understand the instructions very well and omit a few steps, and hence lose their files.

Saving Files without taking Backup: Some people are likely to save their files on the desktop without any backup. When the system restore is done, the operating system erases all the information on the disk, and you will lose your files.

Others Reasons: In the process of system restore, other factors like the severity of virus, the internal fault of hard disks, or the incompatibility of systems are all likely to lead your files lose. Some of them are evitable, while some are inevitable.

Features of photo recovery software:

Steps to recover pictures after system restore:

Step1: Download and install free demo version of Photo recovery software. Once software installed successfully, select “RECOVER DRIVES / PARTITIONS” from main screen, refer figure 1.

How to Recover Pictures after System Restore - Main screen

Figure 1 - Main Windows

Step 2: Select either “FORMATTED / REFORAMATTED RECOVERY” or “PARTITION RECOVERY” from next screen based on your scenario, refer figure 2. Then select the hard drive partition to recover photos from system restore. Then software starts scanning.

How to Recover Pictures after System Restore - Select either Formatted / Reformatted Recovery or Partition Recovery

Figure 2 - Select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery or Partition Recovery

Step 3: Once scanning is over, you can view the recovered photo in the list of “FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW”, refer figure 3.

How to Recover Pictures after System Restore - View in File Type View / Data View

Figure 3 - View in File Type View / Data View

Useful tips to be followed to avoid loss of photos after system restore:

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